Thursday, August 5, 2021

PRATIK LA SPECIAL ART Highlight : American Painter Alexandra Eldridge



Alexandra Eldridge

Annice Jacoby on Alexandra Eldridge

Alexandra Eldridge, long cherished as a painter often working with new materials: Venetian plaster, reverse glass, antique and Chinese scrolls, is now working with turn of the century glass plate negatives found in a friend's attic in Texas. The Memento Mori haunt of these photos was an invitation she exquisitely exploits with a call and response from now to then and back again. Eldridge leaps a century later with these reclaimed images in a dialogue decadent in possibilities, brave and emblematic, inventing cosmologies of modern anxiety or Dionysian rebellion.

Winter Wolves

Eldridge has arrested the moment of the invention of photography, empowering our ancestor's gaze and stance. She has tapped into the audacity of paint and palimpsest to mimic our dreams, our jokes, and our fears. She plays with the development of image as the root of imagination. Animate is to bring alive, connecting our animal selves to the profound dignity and mindfulness of creatures. In her present body of work, she performs the subversive act of dressing up animals who have dressed us up. Shall the fox wear the garment? Or the mannequin become the fox, ermine, or peacock?

The Spiritual Warriors

When Eldridge works with paint, her ethereal surrealism tumbles into a dreamscape, liberating memory and meaning by discarding the orthodoxies of time and quotidian reality. She forges an uncomfortably contemporary penetrating psychology. Her universe is an infinite fantasy ball filled with tricksters and mystics. Harkening to Dada or Jung, Alexandra Eldridge's images consistently confront and dare; her inquiry is an ongoing seduction.


The Soul is in the Body

Alexandra Eldridge has had over forty solo shows, and has participated in many group shows throughout the U.S., as well as many international exhibitions.Alexandra has been commissioned to paint murals in the Place de Vosges, Paris, and her work has been used for the cover of twenty-four books of poetry. Traveling, as an important part of her inspiration has led her to artist’s residencies on the Island of Elba, Italy, and the Valparaiso Foundation in Almeria, Spain. Art News, Art LTD, Art On Paper, New American Painting, American Art Collector, Acrylic Artist and One Hundred Painters of the Southwest are just a few of the publications Alexandra has been featured in. Her work can be found in the collections of William Hurt, Steve Buscemi, and Edie Falco, along with many other prestigious collections

The Pride of the Peacocks

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